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This Weekend (4/21 thru 4/24), Check in to the Dandy Drop Inn for Only 99 Cents!
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NOW AVAILABLE! Gypsy by Dan Foley


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Coming soon, Volume 3 in the Grave Marker series. For those unfamiliar with the line, Grave Markers are novelettes that are initially published as individually as digital shorts, then compiled in a three-in-one print collection. This collection includesFull Moon in the Westby Dominic Sabile,Bottled Spiritsby Adrian Ludens, andThe Danceby S.L. Williams.

Also available:

Grave Markers, Volume 2, which includesToleranceby Hal Bodner,Shriek of the Harpyby Sebastian Bendix, andThe One Who Lies Next to You

This Weekend (4/21 thru 4/24), Check in to the Dandy Drop Inn for Only 99 Cents!

This weekend only, April 21st thru April 24th, you can check in to the Dandy Drop Inn for the killer price of only 99 cents!

That's right, folks! The Dandy's are offering their cut-throat special to stay with them and have an experience you'll never forget. Come for the food, stay for the terror!


Northern Frights, the first anthology from the Horror Writers of Maine is now available in print and select digital formats.

Lonely, haunted roads, insanity, ancient curses, and strange creatures that go bump in the night: these are the types of tales that make up the rich tapestry of Maine’s legends and lore, and they are exactly the types of tales you will find within these pages.
Northern Frightsis the first anthology from the Horror Writers of Maine. There are names in this collection you might recognize, ones you should, and after reading it, ones you'll never forget.

FedEx Small Business Grant Competition

Some small press publishers will launch crowd-funding campaigns (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc) to raise money for special projects or continued operations. These cost you money. We're not asking for money. What we're asking for is a few seconds of your time on a daily basis, now through April 5th, to vote for us as we compete for a small business grant from Federal Express. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the image above.

NOW AVAILABLE! Gypsy by Dan Foley

Dan Foley has a new releasing coming out.Gypsyis the story of Tim Ritter, who is dying. Cancer, the Big C, was eating him alive and he only had a few months left to live. Or did he?
When a gypsy at a country fair offers him a chance for a new, cancer-free life, he has to decide if he is going to live out the death sentence the doctors have handed him or if he is willing to give up the life he has lived to become her instrument of vengeance for a crime that had been committed fifty years in the past.

Dread and Breakfast a 5-Star Read!

The reviews are coming in for Stuart R. West's Dread and Breakfast! Let's take a look at what some of the reviewers have to say.

FromThe Haunted Reading Room:

"DREAD AND BREAKFAST possesses one of the most absolutely convoluted plots I have ever read. Truly I did not see the denouement, could not have imagined its extent. It was stunning, shocking, and superbly twisted. What a novel! 12 stars doesn't begin to praise it."

FromFrank Michaels Errington

"Dread and Breakfast


As much as we hate to do this, we are pulling the plug on the Little Monsters anthology. We had such high hopes for this collection, but it seems the Twilight phenomena has filtered down to the youngest generation. We had been hoping to receive truly scary stories, things that had kids waking up in the middle of the night screaming out for mommy and daddy, stories that, in their writing, would act like a sort of catharsis for the child. We did receive a couple of chilling stories, stories that surprised us given the age of the author, but sadly those were in the minority (and not nearly enough to fill a short story collection). The majority of the stories were cute, charming pieces that were more suited for Saturday morning cartoons.

NOW AVAILABLE! Grave Marker Book 9, THE DANCE by S.L. Williams

The ninth book in our Grave Marker series will be out soon. Be on the lookout for The Dance by S.L. Williams.

Be careful what you wish for!
She wanted fame. She wanted love.
She couldn't have both.

Grave Markers 7 and 8 Are Now Available!

Books 7 and 8 of our Grave Marker series are now available!

FULL MOON IN THE WEST by Dominic Stabile

Juan “Tezcat” Medina is about to take the law into his own hands. Having lost his wife and daughter to a gang of outlaws, he's been given the chance to have them back with him. All he has to do is kill the six men who robbed him of his family. But there's something different about this gang of outlaws, something Tezcat isn't aware of until it's too late and he's forced into a showdown with evil.

Grave Markers, Volume 2 is Now Available!

The second 3-in-1 compilation of our Grave Marker series is nowavailable.

This volume contains:

TOLERANCE by Hal Bodner --- Children are disappearing from the streets of West Hollywood. The police are clueless, but Christopher Driscoll suspects he might know who is responsible. The trail leads to a local new hot spot that has become THE place to eat. Has the owner been serving up finger-licking good baby barbecue, or has there been a HUGE misunderstanding?

SHRIEK OF THE HARPY by Sebastian Bendix --- Movie theaters are a magical place, and the Downtown Nickelodeon is no exception, as junior film archivist Muriel Sharpe is about to find out.
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